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It's the little things.

Last Christmas, I watched as a bell on a Santa figurine jingled itself for nearly five minutes. Sitting on a coffee table and near no drafts, vents, or overly-enthusiastic dog, Santa shook his bad thing right as I was starting my research for Haunted Stuff. I took it as a high five from the otherworld.  ;)

I've been investigating and writing about the spooky side of life for over twenty years. I've seen a lot of odd things and been chased by raccoons more times than a grown woman should admit to but I'm always curious as to what the story is behind the haunting: why do some stay while others disappear? At my blog, Wee Ghosties: A Beginner's Guide to Ghost Hunting, I help others learn the ropes about this great hobby. 

I have a crazy amount of daughters and knew they were ready to head out with me when they were old enough, so for them I wrote the Girls' Ghost Hunting Guide to have them be prepared in a safe and responsible way before they ever left the living room. 

Do you have an object you believe may be haunted? Contact me at stacey.i.graham[at]gmail.com and let's find out. 

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