Jinxes: Victorian Doll - Now with extra curses

Victorian curse doll
Photo by: Lucy Cheung

Tucked away in a crevice of a brick wall of a house in Hereford, England was found a Victorian-era wooden doll with an attitude. Its limbs are made of a red checked cotton material, while the head is a nightmare of soft fabric with traces of paint on its frowning face, string, and a braided silk pigtail dangling off the left side of its head. The doll’s dress was a voluminous balloon of red spots on a navy blue background, hiding the feet and hidden away with the folds was a curse from one very upset lady.

Now housed at the Herefordshire Museum, the doll is displayed with its accompanying note with the wish that Mary Ann would never rest, sleep, or eat for the remainder of her life; the added venom of hoping the woman’s flesh would be eaten away was a sassy touch.

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